Surf Rentals

Surf Rentals

When most people think about their trip to the beach they think about 2 things:  laying on the beach catching some sun and playing in the waves.  To get the most of playing in the waves you'll want some toys!!  Not all surfboards, bodyboards, & skimboards are created equal and we only rent high quality and durable equipment so you can get the most out of your time in the surf! 

Surfboard Rental

This is where it all came from! The ultimate beach board that spawned so many other sports - skateboarding, windsurfing, & kitesurfing - all originated from the original wave riding sport, surfing!! Boards available in a range of sizes from 6'0" to 10'2".

 4 Hour                      $30.00

 Day (24hour)            $35.00

 3 Day (72 hour)        $60.00

 Week (7 day)            $75.00

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Fiberglass Surfboard Rental

For experienced surfers who aren't able to travel with their personal boards and are looking for a high performance ride. Boards have FCSII fins and leash included. These boards are not intended for the beginner surfer.

4 Hour                   $40.00 

Day (24hour)         $50.00

3 Day (72 hour)     $75.00

Week (7 day)         $95.00

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Bodyboard Rental

If you can't find a way to have fun with a bodyboard at the beach you might need to have your head examined! Fun for every age!

4 Hour                 $5.00    

Day (24hour)      $10.00

3 Day (72 hour)   $20.00

Week (7 day)       $30.00
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Fin Rental

Swim fins help you catch more waves by giving you extra thrust when you are bodyboarding or bodysurfing. The short blades give you a quick burst with minimal drag.

4 Hour                   $5.00  

Day (24hour)         $10.00

3 Day (72 hour)     $15.00

Week (7 day)         $20.00

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Skimboard Rental

Smash the waves or skim along when there is no surf at all. Skimboards are fun for any day and any condition and all the running will leave you in great shape! We rent high performance fiberglass skimboards from Zap.

4 Hour                   $10.00

Day (24hour)         $15.00

3 Day (72 hour)     $35.00

Week (7 day)         $50.00
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Rental Policies

  • - All rental rates are based on the time the item(s) are in the renters possession, whether in use or not.
  • - Sorry, there are no weather related refunds
  • - Rental equipment is your responsibility while it is in your possession. In the event of damage or loss, you will be charged a fair price for repair or replacement. Please be mindful of the possibility of theft, and do not leave equipment unattended especially at night.
  • - Damage insurance is available for "Surfboard" rentals only. This insurance is for damage to the surfboard rental equipment only. It does not cover loss, theft, injury, or damage to other equipment or person(s). Insurance rates are per board, 1 insurance purchase does not cover multiple boards. If multiple boards are rented and insurance is desired it must be purchased for each board.
  • - Reservations are only available for weekly rentals.
  • - Free delivery/pickup is only available for weekly rentals of $75 or more of rental equipment.
  • -Delivery only available for Hatteras Island addresses (villages of Rodanthe, Salvo, Waves, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, and Hatteras).